Thursday, May 31, 2012


Have you experienced generosity?  Our church has been discussion generosity over the last month.  I'm sharing my thoughts about when I've experienced generosity today on Facebook.  Click here to read more.

I sure hope you have a place like we do to both give and receive.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Those Little Lights of Mine

Ahhh, parenting.  It's so simple, isn't it?  (Please note use of sarcasm font)  Today on Facebook, I'm talking about lessons I'm learning as I parent my little lights.  Click here to read more.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Words With Sugar Bear

Brother Bear has alway been our elocutionist.  As a wee little cub he rarely - if ever - mispronounced words (Ok.  There was the SUPER DUPER mispronunciation of "construction" for two very long years...but other than that...).  If he didn't know how to pronounce something, he either chose another word or learned how to pronounce it correctly.

Sugar Bear, on the other hand, never ceases to amaze us with her unique use of words.  She's not afraid to barrel into a word she wants to use.  Mispronounced or not.  Gotta love that cub's hair-on-fire tenacity.

Some of them are so cute they make me giggle out loud.  I'm afraid I'm going to forget them, so I'm writing them down now for posterity.  And, hopefully, it will give you a giggle or two as well.

  • breastiss - the first meal of the day especially when taken in the morning.  ("Mama Bear, what's for breastiss?")
  • pampakesa flat cake made of thin batter and cooked (as on a griddle) on both sides.  ("When I wake up in the morning, I want pampakes for breastiss!")
  • ihlarious - marked by or causing hilarity: extremely funny.  ("Brother Bear, you are ihlarious!")
  • banano - a personal music device.  ("I want to listen to music on Brother Bear's banano")
  • hippomapotomus - a very large herbivorous 4-toed chiefly aquatic artiodactyl mammal of sub-Saharan Africa with an extremely large head and mouth, bare and very thick grayish skin, and short legs. ("Why don't they have hippomapotomus at the zoo?")
  • callapiller - the elongated wormlike larva of a butterfly or moth.  ("I want to read The Very Hungry Callapiller!)
  • yogrit - a fermented slightly acid often flavored semisolid food made of milk and milk solids to which cultures of 2 bacteria have been added.  ("I want some yogrit for dessert!")
Just a few that I can remember at the moment.  Enjoy....