Thursday, June 21, 2012

Holding my breath!

We love our swim teacher.  She is part swim teacher, part magician.  I don't know how she does it, but she does.  Today was Sugar Bear's last day of classes, so she got to "show off" for Mama Bear.  I took video (because, I'm THAT kinda Mama Bear).

Before you watch this, let me remind you that Sugar Bear is 3.75 years old.  Let me also remind you that Brother Bear practically levitated over the water, barely getting wet (and CERTAINLY not getting his FACE wet) until he was...oh...5 or so.  (So you know where my brain is while watching her)

Am I the only one that tried to take a breath for her while they were watching this?

I'm not trying to point out any stellar swimming or anything.  It's probably not that impressive.  There are certainly cubs younger who can swim way better.  But you gotta remember what my expectations were going in...  So, are you the least bit surprised when I tell you that it took EVERY BIT OF RESTRAINT I had not to drop my phone and jump in that pool fully clothed to rescue her?

Sigh.  I lost a solid year off of my life today.  Rest assured, this cub does NOT keep me young.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Every one's a winner!

My super bloggin' cousin bear (and, most loyalest Cyber Bear) recently had a post about the new model for elementary school field days.  She asked her readers to give their thoughts on the subject.  In retrospect, I opined too much....I might have possibly scooted my soap box over to her blog comments for a good, hearty rant. (My apologies cousin bear!)

If I had seen this first, I would have just posted it instead.  Because this video below needs no words.  The triumph here says everything I ever wanted to say about elementary school field days (warning - kleenex alert):

He may never come across a finish line first, He may never stand on a winner's podium. But in my mind, he's a winner.