Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deck the Halls and such...

It's November 29th and, apparently, I'm the GrinchBear that stole Christmas.  Because I refuse to take down my Thanksgiving decorations.  "Thanksgiving decorations?" you ask?  Why, yes Cyberbears.  Let me introduce you to Harvest R. Turkey:

YOU WOULD KEEP HIM UP AS LONG AS YOU COULD TOO, RIGHT?  He is the HIGHLIGHT of my cubs' November.  Seriously, what cub wouldn't love a 9 foot inflatable turkey?

We decided this year that Harvest R. was lonely.  So, we added another friend.  Cyberbears, meet Tom T. Turkey:

I know, right?  Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  It's a regular farm around here (funny farm, that is).

(My decorator once mentioned that my affinity for roosters might be bordering on a problem.  Apparently my "problem" does not discriminate)

All this to say, we have been given the delightful gift of an additional week to prepare ourselves for the Christmas decorating frenzy and it seems that I'm surrounded by nothing but overachievers.  Don't they know they are WASTING A PERFECTLY GOOD WEEK?


Thus, Harvest R. and Tom T. are staying up until after dinner tomorrow night when I have
relented to the pressuredecreed it time to deck the Four Bears Halls.

Someone has to be the slacker, right?

On another Christmas-y note...

Not to be outdone in the crafty area (snicker, snicker, snicker), I decided to help Sugar Bear with a "make at home" Christmas  Ornament she received at church last night.


I'm pretty sure I'm going to Hell for the words I thought in my head whilst "helping" her.  It was a project made in a country where they have teensy, tinsy, nimble little fingers.  This is the finished product:

Poor Joseph looks like he put on his headgear after a long bender, and Mary, despite the smile on her face, is hanging tough through what look to be some pretty wicked hemmies.  And whoever swaddled Jesus (my money's on Joseph) felt that Jesus wasn't ready to SEE the world just yet.  And the best part?  Sugar Bear and I ended up with glue ALL OVER US.


Jesus really is the best gift, but after this craft I think an itty bitty glue gun ranks right up there.

I've just now guaranteed nothing but coal in my stocking for Christmas.

Assuming I actually hang it up before December 24th.


  1. Ah Ha! Smart choir teachers. Instructions were: You decided if they make it in class or you make it for them and put it in their bag. My decision? I am footing the bill for a different Christmas ornaments. PS - glue dots are the answer.

  2. Smart choir teacher, or "crafty" to have parents do it???